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The Comfort and Joy of Books

This event is free to watch but please consider donating to Bath Festivals, registered charity no. 801617. Your donation will support future festivals and creative learning projects with young people in the local community. Thank you.

Books can change the course of your life or keep you afloat.

Join Kate Mosse (The City of Tears, An Extra Pair of Hands), award-winning author and founder director of the Women’s Prize for Fiction and Neema Shah (Kololo Hill), shortlisted for the Bath Novel Award and the winner of First Novel Award as they explore the remarkable power books have to inspire, comfort and delight, with journalist and bestselling author Cathy Rentzenbrink (Dear Reader: The Comfort and Joy of Books).

Whether you spent 2020 immersed in children’s stories, classic tales or discovering new voices; reading, thinking about, and sharing our book passions have become even more important during this turbulent and uncertain period.

These three extraordinary writers will discuss their own work as well as explore how reading can change the course of our lives. This event will be packed full of recommendations to add to your reading list. No matter what the future holds, reading will always help.

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  • 51m
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